Music Phenomenon/Knowledge/Context

Music Context

The history of Music theory and of music understanding is a long and winding road rich with information on us humans and our evolution, possibly more than on the real science, knowledge, and understanding of Music and its natural intuitive phenomenon. Yet understanding history helps evaluate and select optimal paths.

The MusicNovatory Introduction/Reference/History section offers an interesting parallel, comparing the nature, scientific discovery, understanding and evolution of Music and Astronomy.

Bar Lines
For a sample with more recent common music understanding and theory, MusicNovatory's Unknown Container section offers an analysis and critique of three major books dated 1960, 1978, 1995, simply concerning bars and bar-lines, and where each is blocked by a different problem and for each, a solution is provided. Do not miss it.

All existing musical works are part of history. Analysing, understanding, and criticizing them is learning from our musical history.

If your interest is more towards philosophy you may enjoy some of MusicNovatory's Multi-level Yin-Yang Dichotomy Philosophy.

More specifically on the science of music, and the scientific approach to understanding Music, MusicNovatory provides many interesting sections, including:

Music Context