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Diatonic Scales Explained
After having introduced Chrominicism, with this third clip, "Harmony Basics" series explains the origin and structure of diatonic scales while demonstrating how scales are only permutations of the natural string of fifths, that semi-tones in diatonic scales result from Chrominicism and that Chrominicism is a fundamental music and harmony component.

Why diatonic scales are not uniform? Why 5 tones and 2 semi-tones, why not all equal? Why are there missing black keys on the piano keyboard? Why do keys and staff follow the string of fifths? If scales are not fundamental components but only accessories, what are the foundations of music and harmony? These are a few questions addressed and resolved in under 90 seconds. Following clips in the series continue to resolve major mysteries in music, like they had never been before. Check it out.

The Diatonic String Builds the Scale

The Diatonic String Builds the Scale [3MB]

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