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Analysis and Method

Rhythmic Structure
In la Marseillaise, the first section, bars 1-4, is a consequent, ending on scale degree 1, and the second section, bars 5-8, is an antecedent, ending on scale degree 3, a situation which is contrary to the normal antecedent-consequent disposition.

Since it seemed preferable to maintain the order of these two first sections, each section must become an entity with its own antecedent and its own consequent.

Bars 1-4 of la Marseillaise become bars 1-8 of la Citoyenne
An antecedent must be built for this first section by changing the melodic line in bars 3-4 to end on scale degree 3 rather than on degree 1. Bars 1-4 of la Marseillaise remain intact for the consequent. The canon is at a 2-bar distance.

Bars 5-8 of la Marseillaise become bars 9-16 of la Citoyenne
A consequent must be built for this second section by transposing the first two bars a third higher and the last two bars a third lower.

Minor changes in the note-values of this consequent add a nice lyrical flavor which attenuates the banality of the parallel lines in the canon.

Bars 5-8 of la Marseillaise remain intact for the antecedent. The canon is at a 4-bar distance.

Chorus: Rhythmic Structure
The Chorus of la Marseillaise is composed of ten bars, 19-28. With an 8-bar Chorus, we would have three equal 8-bar sections, twenty four bars in all. Removal of bars 25-26 of la Marseillaise will achieve the desired result.

Chorus: from bar 19 of la Marseillaise (bar 17 of la Citoyenne) to the end
In the second bar, a feminine rhyme, to accommodate the word "citoyenne", will produce the Langer Hinge of this 4-bar entity 17-20 (an antiphony between the female and male voices), a gift which only the French language can confer. From the fifth bar of the Chorus (bar-21), the canon is at a 1-bar distance, and, in the penultimate bar, at a half-bar distance.

For tradition
To maintain the long tradition and keep the original themes from La Marseillaise, some interesting features where not integrated in the revised version. As an example, this version adds the Rainbowshift pattern to the revised version.