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Symmetric Major and Minor modes
6th clip in the "Harmony Basics" animated tutorial series and building on previous clips, "6-Diatonic Modes Symmetry" further considers the perfect symmetry of diatonic mode structures, chords, and chord progressions, with their natural antecedents and consequents. A content rich clip that demonstrates, in under 90 seconds, what had never been successfully shown before, the perfect symmetry of the natural diatonic Major and Minor modes. Using 3D animation and fractals, this clip offers both 100% original container and content. Don't miss it and take the time to listen, observe, and understand the natural structures of music. Like other clips in the series, this short clip may be looped to help understanding. Tell us what you think and find out more from both the MusicNovatory encyclopedic site, as well as this portal pages.

Diatonic Modes Symmetry

Diatonic Modes Symmetry [5MB]