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All the things you are, revisited

Original Version

All The Things You Are, is another beautiful song that can greatly benefit from a diligent revision. This rich sample from the Applications volume, like some other parts of that volume, has restricted access, requiring appropriate user account and identification.

All the things you are

Revised Version 1

All The Things You Are poses a nice challenge as its harmonies wander into ever sharper keys, making the return after the bridge awkward and somewhat painful.

A first more "feminine (YIN)" revised version was produced and, after some of your comments, a second more "masculine (YANG)" revised version was also developed.

Revised Version 2

The debate on the relative merits of the original and of the 2 corrections is on-going and your appreciation helps.

Try the revised versions, compare them to the original, join's Analysis Judges, and submit your appreciations and suggestions, as well as contribute to the appreciation statistics available on-site, with the revised version.