Music Phenomenon/Knowledge/Transforms

Music Transformations

Ternary rhythm is the result of systematically removing (rhythmic "ablation" transform) 1/4 of a 4-part binary structure.

There are 5 forms of harmonic transformation which can be applied individually or collectively:

  • Voice-leadingbetween 2 tetrads can be operated 3 different ways
  • Incompletenessconsists of reducing a tetrad to a triad without losing sight of the original function of each note in the tetrad
  • Metamorphoseschange the function of a chord without appreciably changing its notes, as in the popular "IIV6 II7V7 I" chord sequence
  • Chromaticismalters one, possibly two, notes of a chord in the direction of its resolution, if there is the whole-tone space to do so
  • Non-chordal Tones, as the name implies, are neighboring tones which replace the true chordal tone of a chord