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Music Tune Tune-Up Shop

Music Tune Tune-Up Shop
Building on's LockedAnalysis, the "Music Tune Tune-Up Shop" section offers easy access to innovative content that dare try to improve popular musical songs, anthems, and masterpieces simply to let you analyze, appreciate, judge, comment, suggest, contribute musical improvement.

New Tunes from Known Themes
While improving the best can be informative and useful, also, inspiring from the themes, the Music Tune Tune-Up Shop also provides some new creation and composition samples, simply picked from unlimited possibilities. These New Tunes based on known themes can be found with the songs that inspired them, in the anthems or songs sections, or listed in the catalog

Try them out
This section allows everyone to easily listen, read, and compare revised versions with original ones, as well as with new tunes and variations on some of these famous themes. These samples also benefit and improve from your appreciation and comments.

Music Tune Tune-Up Shop

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