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With its new "Harmony Basics" animation clip collection, the MusicPhenomenon Music clip library starts off with music understanding tutorial/presentation clips that present fundamental concepts of musical intuition and the underlying natural phenomenon and language of music, for the first time, in a 2D/3D/fractal based short animation clips designed for efficient viewing on the web.

The Elusive Semitones

This series of 12 short clips introduces fundamental musical concepts, and progressively builds a backbone for understanding musical harmony and melody.

Harmony Basics

Using exclusively digital multimedia, animation, and sound, the series uniquely presents a range of features and aspects of the natural musical phenomenon that still remained mysteries.

From the origin of semi-tones, to flat/sharp chrominicism, to the structure of chords, to the four strong modes, using sound and animation, each clip in the series leads to the next.

Designed to be short, straight, fun, and challenging, these clips may be dense enough to warrant multiple viewing. Once downloaded they should loop fine. They can also be streamed from TelepathMedia's site, from its YouTube Video Channel, and from its TelepathMedia's MySpace space & blog.

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Footsies are animated clips developed to show steps to Rhythmic Motion & Feel, using some basic traditional songs, with simple and compound examples. These clips are organized in two currently available series: "Basic Materials" and "Transformations". Have a look at the Footsies'Jukebox.

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